About the Journal

Welcome to Applied Sciences Research Periodicals (ASRP), a peer-reviewed international research journal in the field of Applied Sciences. The journal is published on a monthly basis, and we are committed to promoting the advancement of knowledge and innovation in the field of applied sciences through the dissemination of high-quality research.

Applied Sciences is a broad and multidisciplinary field that encompasses a wide range of scientific and engineering disciplines. It involves the application of scientific principles and knowledge to solve practical problems and create real-world solutions. The field has a direct impact on society and the economy, with applications in areas such as medicine, agriculture, energy, environmental science, and more.

This journal seeks to contribute to the growth and development of applied sciences by providing a platform for researchers, scholars, and practitioners to publish their latest findings and share their knowledge with the wider scientific community.

We welcome original research articles, reviews, and short communications from all areas of applied sciences, as well as interdisciplinary research that integrates multiple fields of study.

All articles submitted to our journal undergo rigorous peer-review by experts in the relevant fields. We place a strong emphasis on scientific integrity, excellence, and ethical conduct. Our editorial team is committed to ensuring that the research published in our journal meets the highest standards of quality and significance.


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The publication process comprises of following steps. 


The process starts with submission of a new article on the journal website. There are 2 ways to submit an artice.

  1. Submit Online
  2. Email Submission. 

For Online Submissions, you can directly register here. Select your role as "author" and complete registeration process. You will see an online submission button once the registeration process is complete. Click the button and follow on screen instructions. 

Email Submission: Please attach your article in a single MS word file to an email and send it to the address asrp@hspublishing.org. Upon receipt, the editorial team will handle your registration on the journal portal and proceed with the online submission of your article on your behalf.

Authors do not have to follow a perticular template of formatting, our layout editors will take care of all the formatting at the time of publication. 

Preliminary Review:

Upon submission, the article undergoes a preliminary review process by the editorial staff, who assess its suitability and linguistic quality with regard to the journal's scope. Subsequently, the article is forwarded to expert reviewers for a comprehensive evaluation.

Peer Review:

The peer-review process employed by this journal is double-blind system, which ensures the anonymity of both authors and reviewers. The article will be evaluated by a maximum of two experts in the relevant field. The review process may take up to two weeks to complete.

Editorial Decision: 

The decision can be either of the three. 1. Accepted as it is, 2. Accepted with revisions, 3. Rejected. Authors are notified about the decision in an email. A review report containing comments of reviewers is accompanied with the email if the article is Accepted with revision or if it is rejected. 

Article Processing Charges:
Upon acceptance of the submission, the authors are required to pay the article processing charge of 99 Pound Sterling, which covers the costs associated with formatting and hosting the article.

Publication on Journal Website. 

Within 5 working days after the confirmation of publication charges, a PDF version of the article is made available for download on the journal’s webpage free of charge.