Development of Artificial Intelligence of Ensembles of Software and Hardware Agents by Natural Intelligence on the Basis of Self-Organization


  • Evgeny Bryndin Engineering Research Association (AER), Russia, Novosibirsk


natural intelligence, creative thinking, universal learning, artificial intelligence, ensembles of software, hardware agents


Natural intelligence is the totality of acquired knowledge and intellectual skills of a person. Intellectual skills are the ability to think creatively and gracefully, communicate and learn universally. From the point of view of the Orthodox tradition, there are three types of thinking, learning and communication: carnal, creative and grace-filled (spiritual). Creative thinking, learning and communication develop and improve rational intelligence. Gracious thinking, learning and communication develops and improves spiritual intelligence. Strong natural intelligence generates superior knowledge relative to the knowledge of society. It expands and deepens the knowledge of society. Knowledge is a social product. The dynamic process of discovering knowledge and broadcasting about the works of the Creator is described in (18:3-5) parables: “Day imparts speech to day, night reveals knowledge to night. There is no language and no dialect where their voice is not heard. Their voice goes throughout the whole earth, and their words to the ends of the world. As part of the dynamic process of knowledge discovery, the natural intelligence of each person develops. Natural intelligence began to develop artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can be possessed by a software-hardware operating process capable of creating poetry and essays, painting pictures, developing recommendations and solutions for goals set by humans, managing production and systems in various fields of activity based on the existing knowledge of the natural intelligence of mankind. Artificial intelligence cannot develop without human participation. A very promising use of artificial intelligence is carried out by ensembles of software and hardware agents using proven methods based on self-organization in various spheres of life. Ensembles of software and hardware agents can be trained using the knowledge and skills of natural intelligence.