Publication Policies

Open-Access Policy:

This is an open-access journal, which means that all published articles are freely available to readers without any subscription or paywall. We believe that open access enhances the visibility and impact of research and promotes the dissemination of knowledge to a broader audience. Authors retain the copyright to their work, and all articles are published under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). We also provide a platform for the archiving and preservation of research articles to ensure their long-term accessibility.

Submission Policy:

We welcome submissions from researchers, scholars, and practitioners in all fields related to our scope of interest. All submissions must be original research work that has not been published elsewhere. Submissions will undergo a double-blind peer-review process, where at least two reviewers will evaluate the article's quality, relevance, and contribution to the field. Authors do not need to follow any proper formatting styles, our layout edits will take care of it at the time of publicaiton. Authors must also ensure that their work adheres to our ethical considerations as well.

A formatted galley will be developed only for those articles for which payment of publicaiton charges has been confirmed by the accounts department. It is not prepared for every accepted article. Therefore authors are advised not to demand galley proof as a condition to make the payment of publication charges. 

Marketing and Advertisement Policy:

We do not accept any sponsored content or paid advertisements, and our publication decisions are not influenced by any external parties. We may occasionally share news and updates about our publication on our website and social media channels or emails, but these updates will not contain any promotional content.

Discount and Refund Policy:

We do not offer any discounts or refunds for our publication fees. Publication fees are only applicable to accepted articles, and authors are only required to pay the fee after their article has been accepted for publication.

If an article is rejected, no publication fee will be charged. However, once the publication fee has been paid, it is non-refundable, even in cases where the article is later retracted or removed from our publication. We recommend that authors carefully review our submission guidelines and seek clarification if necessary before submitting their articles to avoid any unnecessary fees.