The Impact of the Ukraine War on the Reaction of the International Community to the Protest Movement of the Iranians


  • Parmida Pirgourabi Class 12 tajrobi A, Valiullah Ardashiri State model High School, Gilan, Province Education Organization, Ministry of Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Iranian people’s protest movement, Russia, Ukraine war, International communities, United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Sanctions


Background: The impact of the war between Russia and Ukraine and its connection with the  support of the international community, especially the Western countries, for the Iranian  people’s movement, which has not been investigated so far, can create the hypothesis that Iran is used as a tool to put pressure on Russia. Results: In fact, putting pressure on the Islamic Republic through numerous sanctions from around the world to support the movement “ Women - Life – freedom “ is a means to reduce Russia’s economic power. Conclusion:  In fact, after examining the 2022 movement and other protests movements of the Iranian people since the beginning of the 1979 revolution, it became clear that the widespread reflection of the protest cry of the Iranian people in the world and the support of the international community for them has a reason beyond the sense of humanity and altruism, which may be under pressure. Giving Russia may not be the only reason, but it is certainly not irrelevant.