Are Co-Curricular Activities Useful for Diversity Management? Evidence From Secondary Schools in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


  • Easaw Alemayehu Assefa Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia


Co-curricular, Contribution, Challenges, Diversity Management


Promoting diversity management in educational settings is crucial for creating inclusive environments, and co-curricular activities have emerged as a valuable tool for achieving this goal. This study aimed to investigate the role of co-curricular activities in diversity management specifically in Addis Ababa's secondary schools. The study addressed two primary research questions. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the topic, a mixed-methods approach was employed. This involved integrating quantitative survey data with qualitative insights from interviews. The survey was administered to the research sample, while interviews were conducted to gather in-depth information. This combination of methods allowed for a more robust analysis. The research sample consisted of 375 participants, including 187 males and 188 females. The findings of the study revealed a significant positive impact of co-curricular activities on diversity management. These activities provided opportunities for students to engage with peers from diverse backgrounds, fostering mutual understanding and respect. However, the study also identified several barriers and challenges.  This study is unique in its investigation of how co-curricular activities contribute to diversity management in Addis Ababa's secondary schools, offering valuable insights for fostering inclusive environments. Based on the study's findings, it is recommended to address the identified barriers and challenges to enhance the effectiveness of co-curricular activities in promoting diversity management. Strategies and interventions should be developed to increase awareness of diversity management among stakeholders.